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Buckeye Electrical Coil Winding and Transformers

Air Coil

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Buckeye Electrical offers innovative solutions for coils and transformers. We have the capability to wind coils using a diverse range of materials, including alloys like copper and aluminum as well as various cores, such as ferrite rods, bobbins, and even free-formed air coils. Along with winding the coils, we solder and terminate leads per our customer's specifications. We produce our coils and transformers in any volume size from short runs to large production runs.

Yellow Coil Brandt Coil

Wire capabilities include 45-0 AWG, with coil diameters ranging from .125" to 2'.

Coil Winding Capabilities:

With many companies using equipment containing outdated transformers, it can be difficult to replace those obsolete parts. Here at Buckeye Electrical, we utilize reverse engineering to custom-build new transformers that are compliant with the original equipment. This saves our customers valuable time and money.