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Buckeye Electrical Cables and Harnesses

Buckeye Electrical Cables

Proven Reliability and Timeliness

Buckeye Electrical specializes in manufacturing quality cables and assemblies - everything from simple cut and stripped wires to complete harnesses. Our expert engineers can help you design a harness to fit your needs, or we can build harnesses according to your design and specifications. Prototyping all our cables and harnesses helps us ensure that our designed products work precisely as needed. Additionally, Buckeye Electrical has a flexible cable policy which allows us to either use your materials in production or provide a complete turnkey.

Buckeye Electrical Harnesses

We custom-cut any wire from 30-8 AWG to a precise length, as well as cut heat shrink tubing and sleeving for the cables. Our pneumatic wire stripping machine efficiently strips the cables and custom prints a specific label onto each individual cable. As part of our stringent quality control, we visually inspect and document every cable before using the cable in a harness. After the harness is built, we provide another visual inspection and can electronically test, document, and label each product so every harness is serialized with its own discrete data. This guarantees that you receive a product that looks and performs exactly as you request.



Buckeye Electrical Cables and Harnesses include:

Buckeye Electrical Cable Assembly

We currently provide cables for the following industries: Commerical, Medical, Military, and Entertainment.